Meeting My Spirit Guides: Frank, George, and Eula Pearl

Meeting my Spirit Guides was the most incredible and profound experience of my life. 

I am currently enrolled in an online course with friend, teacher, psychic medium, author, speaker, all-around-amazing-woman, Brandaleen Johnson. This course is for Intuition and Mediumship Development ( if you're interested!) In this course, I learned about Spirit Guides and was given meditations to facilitate meeting them.

What is a Spirit Guide? Essentially, they are part of our team of spiritual assistants.

In her book, "Ask Your Guides", Sonia Choquette writes:

"Since most spirit guides are beings who've lived at least some part of their existence on Earth, its not surprising that they've come back to serve us. In fact some guides may connect with us because they had similar challenges in their earthly lives and want to offer their guidance to ease our way. Still others may show up to help us in certain projects or tasks, because in their past lives they were masters in the discipline were exploring or working in."

"Sprit guides may also be family members who've crossed over and elected to stay connected with us from the spirit plane to offer direction and help. Similarly, entities who may have shared some important relationship or spiritual work with us in past lives may choose to continue working with us in this life, in order to contribute to the continuing enrichment of our soul's experience."

I was very excited to do this but did not realize how life-altering this experience would be for me. I mean, HUGE! Like really, really, really huge. This indescribable sense of recognition and acknowledgement, this knowing of these spirits who know me so well and have been with me every step of the way. Its overwhelming and heartwarming, and WOW! I want everyone to experience this!

First, I met Frank, who appeared in front of me, but I feel him on my right. The meaning of the name Frank is "Free One", which fit perfectly with who Frank is. He is a motorcycle man, tall and thin, with bushy grey eyebrows and kind, light blue eyes. He's here to teach me about "life on the open road", and choosing my paths. Frank wore black and white clothing, a bandana on his head, and black motorcycle boots. He's the kind of guy who really lived and experienced a lot. He's a relaxed, laid-back, cool guy. 

Next, I had the enormous pleasure of meeting Eula Pearl. She's always in front of me, leading the way to help me be who I am. She was small in stature, elderly, wise and crone-like with long grey hair, twinkling blue eyes, and a mischievous smile. She was wearing a housecoat when she appeared to me. Her energy felt powerful, infused with excitement and zest, pulling me along by the hand saying, "Let's go do it!" Grateful tears rolled gently down my face from my closed eyes.

When I asked Eula her name, I first saw an E, and then a U, and then heard "Eula", but it felt as if I was missing something or I was not getting it quite right. When we said goodbye, she handed me a pearl. As I journaled about her immediately afterward, as soon as I wrote the word "Pearl", I understood that it was meant to go with "Eula", which by the way, means "Sweet- Spoken". Thinking to myself, "Wow, what an original name, I love it", I googled Eula Pearl, feeling there was something there to discover.

Indeed, there was something to discover. Eula Pearl Carter Scott lived from 1915-2005. She became the youngest pilot in the United States on September 12, 1929, when she took her first solo flight. Eula Pearl became a stunt pilot! She lived in Oklahoma and was Native American. In 1972, she became one of the Chickasaw Nation's first community health representatives.  Eula was elected to the Chickasaw Legislature, where she served three terms. She was a truly adventurous woman and a humanitarian, who lived an incredible life!   

Then I met George. George is always behind me. I felt him holding me, supporting me, comforting me. His presence is warm and his energy is serious and so strong, steady, supportive, and calm. On my back, I felt the warmth of him beneath me, like a bright light filling me with strength. Tears of joy and reunion streamed out, and I felt immense relief and gratitude, feeling so strongly the love we've always shared. George appeared as a WWII era soldier, dressed in a green uniform with red piping. He's very handsome, with dark eyes and dark hair. He handed me a piece of paper with the word "courage" written on it. I felt that George has been holding me my whole life. George's name means "tiller of the soil", earthworks, farmer. What a fitting name for someone whos energy feels so deeply rooted and grounding. 

After discovering Eula Pearl, I found a biography on her and ordered it. In this book, "Never Give Up!", written by Paul F. Lambert, I learned that she had a brother named George who fought in WWII and in Korea. (Jaw drop!) George was a decorated war hero. He fought on Omaha Beach. He rescued a friend who had almost drowned. "George was also photographed later that day, pulling to shore a life raft filled with wounded men. He also helped resuscitate several other men who had nearly drowned. In all, he was credited with saving the lives of at least seven of his comrades while men continued to fall all around him", writes Lambert. Among his many medals, George also received a Purple Heart from his service in North Korea, where a bullet entered his left shoulder and exited through his back. George passed away in 2012 at the age of 90. I believe this is my George. 

I'm not sure what my potential past-life ties to George and Eula may be, but I certainly feel blessed and honored to have them with me! And Frank too!

Below is a link to a guided meditation to help you meet your spirit guides if you're interested!

George and another soldier helping a comrade onto the beach in Normandy. He is the one without a helmet.

George and another soldier helping a comrade onto the beach in Normandy. He is the one without a helmet.

Eula Pearl

Eula Pearl