The Gift of Sisterhood


Repost from a previous blog, written by Morgan Kelsey on January 5, 2017.

Envision yourself sitting in a circle of women. 

The energy flows through this circle, and you can feel how good it is. This circle does not hold room for that which does not serve us. It is a magical and safe container, a womb, and it is so potently powerful it thrusts negativity away. 

These women listen to you, accept you, and they praise you. They hold space for you when it is needed. 

As women, we have a unique understanding of each other. We relate to one another at a very primal level. Together, we cycle with the moon. We feel the earth's rhythms, and these rhythms also reside in our souls. We hold within us an ancient wisdom. 

At times, the female language is forgotten. False messages born from a patriarchical society have succeeded in making some of us renounce our inner truths. 

Society has made women believe that they are in competition with one another. We are told we must appear a certain way to be attractive, or to pour all of our energy into capturing the attention of a man, lest another catches his eye first. Being in competition amongst ourselves is not what we were put here to do, and such endeavors prove to be wasted energy, adding nothing of substance to nurture our inner-self. 

If we are to heal this divide among sisters, we must first start with ourselves. To look within and heal the old wounds, to change what we may have been told being female means. We need to celebrate ourselves, our womanhood, and each other. 

We must be conscience of the messages we are sending our daughters. We must instill in them a sense of worth and purpose. Teach them to raise each other up and not put each other down. Ground them in the importance of forming their own tribe, a safe circle in which to share their innermost thoughts and experiences. Sisters to encourage and grow with.

We must sow the seeds to awaken our ancient knowledge, to feel into the essence of womanhood. We need to resurrect the sisterhood and be one. 

Our strength is so great. We must band together and reclaim that which is ours. Accept our beauty. Our triumphs. Our failures. Support each other in all that we long for. Strengthen our tribe so that our daughters readily have that which we have been missing, so that all the confidence of every female soars. Nurture ourselves and each other, so that we may know and revere the Goddess within.