Moving Toward the Light


The traditional Wheel of the Year is divided into two halves, light (spring and summer), and dark (autumn and winter). The light energy is now building as we approach the place of balance, the Vernal Equinox, the first day of Spring, known in Pagan traditions as Ostara (March 20th).

Spring is a time of rebirth. These are the last inward days of incubation as we prepare to bring ourselves back into the world. The metaphoric seeds we have stored through the winter are almost ready to be sown, and soon, mirroring what is occurring in nature, we will see the first signs of life, shooting up from beneath the warming earth. All that has been sleeping will begin to wake.

In conversation recently, it was mentioned that this time of year is much like preparing to give birth. There is anticipation for what is to come, and the preparation for it. We begin to feel anxious, “Isn’t it here yet? I’m ready!” Spring cleaning feels much like the nesting instinct experienced toward the end of a pregnancy. It is a time to climb out of the quiet, dark cave of gestation, moving upward toward the growing light. It is a time of cleansing and clearing space; a time to let go of that which is no longer needed, in order to make to make room for that which is to come.

Feel into and align with these energies. Find what needs to be cleared and release it. What seeds are you planting? What is it you are hoping to bring into your life during this next light phase?

Midwinter Incubation: Winter Solstice Refections


“Pull up a chair and let us incubate in this vast darkness.”

It is no wonder these words came to me in a dream last week. I am indeed incubating. It is as if my bones and my veins need stillness and quiet. Like a bare tree plunging its roots downward, searching for deeper nourishment, finding in the darkness what it truly needs. The smallest tasks feel like such a large effort right now.

We are in the darkest time of the year. My body knows that, and it longs to rest. But soon, the sun will be reborn, and I am hoping with that emergence, I too, will be ready to shed my cloak of invisibility, emerge from my womb-like cave, and shine my light with the sun.

Awaiting Autumn


Come August, I find that my thoughts tend to wander to something deeper, darker, cooler. Summer is indeed delicious, and I am thankful for the warm, sunny reprieve and long days, but something about autumn stirs my soul.

It is a time of release. A time for introspection, for harvesting what was planted in the spring. It is a time when the air is infused with magic, wafting smoke from burning fires. Leaves are painted in glowing shades of orange and copper, against a crisp blue sky and low-hanging puffy clouds. Fallen leaves crunch beneath adventurous feet. Harvest moon, glowing orange against twilight, rising over the bay, shimmering across the water. 

Spiced apple cider simmers on the stove, the scent of pumpkin confections filling the warm house. Creative endeavors are embarked upon, and books that have sat waiting for pages to be turned are placed in eager hands. 

The veil thins. Graveyards are visited, ghost stories told, ancestors honored. Spirits are felt, dancing on the cold wind. Candles ceremoniously lit, and incense burned in ritual. Tarot cards and crystal balls are placed on tables, conjuring past and future images. Cauldron and broom beckon. Herbs hung to dry, scents hinting at the enchantment they contain.

Pumpkins lay ripe on the vine, brought home for adornment. Tactile delights recalled with a knitted sweater slipped overhead, a cozy blanket to cuddle with, layers to dress in, boots for striding about. 

Autumn casts its spell, invoking the mysterious and the unseen. Days shorten and nights lengthen, calling forth a time for deep dreaming and magic.



Meeting My Spirit Guides: Frank, George, and Eula Pearl

Meeting my Spirit Guides was the most incredible and profound experience of my life. 

I am currently enrolled in an online course with friend, teacher, psychic medium, author, speaker, all-around-amazing-woman, Brandaleen Johnson. This course is for Intuition and Mediumship Development ( if you're interested!) In this course, I learned about Spirit Guides and was given meditations to facilitate meeting them.

What is a Spirit Guide? Essentially, they are part of our team of spiritual assistants.

In her book, "Ask Your Guides", Sonia Choquette writes:

"Since most spirit guides are beings who've lived at least some part of their existence on Earth, its not surprising that they've come back to serve us. In fact some guides may connect with us because they had similar challenges in their earthly lives and want to offer their guidance to ease our way. Still others may show up to help us in certain projects or tasks, because in their past lives they were masters in the discipline were exploring or working in."

"Sprit guides may also be family members who've crossed over and elected to stay connected with us from the spirit plane to offer direction and help. Similarly, entities who may have shared some important relationship or spiritual work with us in past lives may choose to continue working with us in this life, in order to contribute to the continuing enrichment of our soul's experience."

I was very excited to do this but did not realize how life-altering this experience would be for me. I mean, HUGE! Like really, really, really huge. This indescribable sense of recognition and acknowledgement, this knowing of these spirits who know me so well and have been with me every step of the way. Its overwhelming and heartwarming, and WOW! I want everyone to experience this!

First, I met Frank, who appeared in front of me, but I feel him on my right. The meaning of the name Frank is "Free One", which fit perfectly with who Frank is. He is a motorcycle man, tall and thin, with bushy grey eyebrows and kind, light blue eyes. He's here to teach me about "life on the open road", and choosing my paths. Frank wore black and white clothing, a bandana on his head, and black motorcycle boots. He's the kind of guy who really lived and experienced a lot. He's a relaxed, laid-back, cool guy. 

Next, I had the enormous pleasure of meeting Eula Pearl. She's always in front of me, leading the way to help me be who I am. She was small in stature, elderly, wise and crone-like with long grey hair, twinkling blue eyes, and a mischievous smile. She was wearing a housecoat when she appeared to me. Her energy felt powerful, infused with excitement and zest, pulling me along by the hand saying, "Let's go do it!" Grateful tears rolled gently down my face from my closed eyes.

When I asked Eula her name, I first saw an E, and then a U, and then heard "Eula", but it felt as if I was missing something or I was not getting it quite right. When we said goodbye, she handed me a pearl. As I journaled about her immediately afterward, as soon as I wrote the word "Pearl", I understood that it was meant to go with "Eula", which by the way, means "Sweet- Spoken". Thinking to myself, "Wow, what an original name, I love it", I googled Eula Pearl, feeling there was something there to discover.

Indeed, there was something to discover. Eula Pearl Carter Scott lived from 1915-2005. She became the youngest pilot in the United States on September 12, 1929, when she took her first solo flight. Eula Pearl became a stunt pilot! She lived in Oklahoma and was Native American. In 1972, she became one of the Chickasaw Nation's first community health representatives.  Eula was elected to the Chickasaw Legislature, where she served three terms. She was a truly adventurous woman and a humanitarian, who lived an incredible life!   

Then I met George. George is always behind me. I felt him holding me, supporting me, comforting me. His presence is warm and his energy is serious and so strong, steady, supportive, and calm. On my back, I felt the warmth of him beneath me, like a bright light filling me with strength. Tears of joy and reunion streamed out, and I felt immense relief and gratitude, feeling so strongly the love we've always shared. George appeared as a WWII era soldier, dressed in a green uniform with red piping. He's very handsome, with dark eyes and dark hair. He handed me a piece of paper with the word "courage" written on it. I felt that George has been holding me my whole life. George's name means "tiller of the soil", earthworks, farmer. What a fitting name for someone whos energy feels so deeply rooted and grounding. 

After discovering Eula Pearl, I found a biography on her and ordered it. In this book, "Never Give Up!", written by Paul F. Lambert, I learned that she had a brother named George who fought in WWII and in Korea. (Jaw drop!) George was a decorated war hero. He fought on Omaha Beach. He rescued a friend who had almost drowned. "George was also photographed later that day, pulling to shore a life raft filled with wounded men. He also helped resuscitate several other men who had nearly drowned. In all, he was credited with saving the lives of at least seven of his comrades while men continued to fall all around him", writes Lambert. Among his many medals, George also received a Purple Heart from his service in North Korea, where a bullet entered his left shoulder and exited through his back. George passed away in 2012 at the age of 90. I believe this is my George. 

I'm not sure what my potential past-life ties to George and Eula may be, but I certainly feel blessed and honored to have them with me! And Frank too!

Below is a link to a guided meditation to help you meet your spirit guides if you're interested!

George and another soldier helping a comrade onto the beach in Normandy. He is the one without a helmet.

George and another soldier helping a comrade onto the beach in Normandy. He is the one without a helmet.

Eula Pearl

Eula Pearl

Welcoming the New

Newness. Freshness. Rebirth.

The sun sets on the last day of the old year. The almost full moon will illuminate the night, glistening off the abundant freshly fallen snow. A night of transformation.

In the morning, the first sun of the new year will rise. 

And we will feel transformed. Invigorated. Driven with purpose. 

The snow lies waiting for us like a blank canvas upon which to write our new stories. A world of possibility, unfurled before us. 

We feel invigorated, ready to embrace that which lies ahead. With hope and courage, we stand ready to face the unknown. 

Blessed New Year, 



The Gift of Sisterhood


Repost from a previous blog, written by Morgan Kelsey on January 5, 2017.

Envision yourself sitting in a circle of women. 

The energy flows through this circle, and you can feel how good it is. This circle does not hold room for that which does not serve us. It is a magical and safe container, a womb, and it is so potently powerful it thrusts negativity away. 

These women listen to you, accept you, and they praise you. They hold space for you when it is needed. 

As women, we have a unique understanding of each other. We relate to one another at a very primal level. Together, we cycle with the moon. We feel the earth's rhythms, and these rhythms also reside in our souls. We hold within us an ancient wisdom. 

At times, the female language is forgotten. False messages born from a patriarchical society have succeeded in making some of us renounce our inner truths. 

Society has made women believe that they are in competition with one another. We are told we must appear a certain way to be attractive, or to pour all of our energy into capturing the attention of a man, lest another catches his eye first. Being in competition amongst ourselves is not what we were put here to do, and such endeavors prove to be wasted energy, adding nothing of substance to nurture our inner-self. 

If we are to heal this divide among sisters, we must first start with ourselves. To look within and heal the old wounds, to change what we may have been told being female means. We need to celebrate ourselves, our womanhood, and each other. 

We must be conscience of the messages we are sending our daughters. We must instill in them a sense of worth and purpose. Teach them to raise each other up and not put each other down. Ground them in the importance of forming their own tribe, a safe circle in which to share their innermost thoughts and experiences. Sisters to encourage and grow with.

We must sow the seeds to awaken our ancient knowledge, to feel into the essence of womanhood. We need to resurrect the sisterhood and be one. 

Our strength is so great. We must band together and reclaim that which is ours. Accept our beauty. Our triumphs. Our failures. Support each other in all that we long for. Strengthen our tribe so that our daughters readily have that which we have been missing, so that all the confidence of every female soars. Nurture ourselves and each other, so that we may know and revere the Goddess within.


What Happened when I Became Sober

Repost from a previous blog, written by Morgan Kelsey on January 21, 2017.

Still sober, so grateful.

On the morning of November 8th, 2016, I awoke. In a big way. The signs were all there, everything was aligned, and I was ready to change. I didn't want to feel this way anymore. I was done. I shed a few tears and I moved forward. 

I became sober, and suddenly my whole world cracked open. A tremendous shift occurred. My life became filled with purpose. 

I became focused and intent on pursuing my dreams, the things I always thought about doing, filing them away for "later". Turns out, the time is NOW. Because if not now, when?

It is as if the universe is suddenly hearing me more clearly. My thoughts are truly creating my reality.

I became sober seven weeks before the new year. January 1st felt like a giant blank canvas, and I had plans to create a beautiful world on that canvas. 

No longer stuck in a cycle of over indulgence and regret, I began to see clearly and with new eyes. I began to feel with my true core, no longer muddied with the emotional outbursts that imbibing would produce.

I committed to my yoga practice and to bellydance, assuring I set aside the time to attend class. These classes have helped me to grow tremendously, and in so many ways. I can't imagine life without them. There's such a beautiful freedom to both. Feeling and knowing my strength. 

I committed to volunteering, and to creating intuitive art classes that I will be teaching. The urge to pass along knowledge and to have a positive effect on someone's life is overwhelming to me right now. I am listening with open ears and an open heart to my higher calling.

I committed to strengthening and growing my spirituality. To continue deeper study outwardly, and inwardly to search the hidden crevices of my soul for revelations.   

I committed to living fully in each moment. To having a clarity that just doesn't exist with alcohol.

The universe has an amazing way of aligning itself to make awesome things happen. At the same time I was looking to promote and grow my business, The Brewer's Wife, I had also been thinking about how I'd like to write more, making plans begin this blog, and maybe even write a book at some point. I set up a meeting with a local magazine about listing and featuring my business. What happened at that meeting blew me away. I walked out of there with a job as a writer and event planner! 

Now almost three months sober, I don't dwell in the past. I look forward, toward a very promising and bright future. All the possibilies lie before me. The blank canvas is becoming very colorful. I see movement when I gaze at it. I hear whispers of encouragement. I stand in my power. 

Who am I, right now? I am a mother, wife, friend, priestess, writer, event coordinator, artist, dancer, yogi, small business owner, creator of natural skincare products, herbalist, reiki practitioner, witchy woman, healer. I am passionate, intelligent, curious, determined, kind, brave, and beautiful. And I love myself, "THIS MUCH", as my bellydance instructor has us say, arms wide, looking into the mirror. I am the creator of my life. 

The decision to change brings forth an exhilarating journey. There is no shroud, nothing to hide behind. Just me, living authentically. And I am grateful.