Introduction to Earth Spirituality

This way of honoring is ancient. It is the way all of our ancestors used to honor this earth. Earth Spirituality is about living in connection with the energies in and around us; the seasons, the phases of the moon, the elements, plants, animals, people; all that is seen and unseen. There exists a willingness to tap into what is felt, aligning to the flow and trusting what comes next. It is the honoring and celebrating that which is sacred through ritual. It is living in harmony and with gratitude for all of life’s blessings. It is about honoring the divinity within.

No two people experience the world in the same way. As such, the practitioner of Earth Spirituality can follow his or her own path. In my tradition, I hold reverence for the Divine Feminine; the Goddess; She who was repressed by the patriarchy. I was raised in Catholicism, and hold a great reverence for many of its components, which I tend to incorporate into my spiritual practice.

This spirituality has lived within me since a very young age, perhaps forever. I always have felt a deep reverence for all that is. As a little girl, my brother and I would play “church”, and I would insist on being the Priest, which is not an option for women in the Catholic church. In 2014, I was invited to local Women’s Spirituality Circles. From these gatherings, I was able to connect with many wonderful and inspiring women. It was at that point I experienced a reawakening of all that I hold sacred. In 2016 I completed a nine month Priestessing Apprenticeship with a local Wise Woman. Currently, I am furthering my studies and deepening my spirituality, as I prepare for initiation as a High Priestess, at which point I will begin training other women in this tradition. I am grateful for my teachers and the chance to use this life and my gifts to be of service.